Services &  Prices

Dog walking in Orwell & the surrounding area

Dogs are never walked in groups as The Pet Company prefers to look after your dog exclusively and provide him/her with dedicated care and 1 to 1 attention (unless socialisation is requested by the customer).

Dogs are walked on the lead. If they have good recall, they can then be walked off lead after a time to have a good run around, whichever you prefer.

All walks are tailored to your dogs needs - whether they like to chase a ball, carry out some basic training or just have a good, tiring walk!

30 minute, 45 minute and 1 hour dog walks are available with flexible times to suit your needs and your dogs' routine.

1 dog - 30 minutes  £10.50

2 dogs ( from the same household) - 30 minutes £14           

1 dog - 45 minutes £14

2 dogs (from the same household) - 45 minutes £19.60

1 dog - 1 hour       £17.50

2 dogs (from the same household) - 1 hour £24.50

Dog walking on Saturdays and Sundays will incur double charges.

Travel costs outside of Orwell/Wimpole are charged at 45p per mile.

Dog/Puppy Let-Out Service

No time to pop home in your lunchbreak? Out for the whole day? The let-out service gives you flexibility to get on with your day, knowing your dog is being cared for. Elderly dogs are also lovingly looked after in your own home.

The Pet Company will visit your home to let your dog out in the garden, play with your dog, feed and provide water as well as give lots of hugs & fuss!

15 minute visit   -    £8

30 minute visit   -    £10

Travel costs outside of Orwell/Wimpole are charged at 45p per mile.

Dog Sitting in your own house 

PLEASE NOTE - I do not offer dog boarding as a service

Going out for the day? Rather than leave your dog all alone at home, The Pet Company can come in and 'sit' with them. We can provide a break in your dogs' day by offering a few hours filled with lots of play, fun in the garden, hugs and fuss, and good company.

£15 per hour

Small Pet Sitting in Orwell and the surrounding area

The Pet Company also cater for your small caged animals, chickens, aviary birds and fish. Full care of pets in their own homes including: 

Feeding, providing water, and cleaning cages. 

In addition to looking after your pets, The Pet Company can, for no extra charge take in post, water indoor plants, put out/bring in bins, switch on/off lights, and open/close curtains - to ensure your home remains completely secure while you are away.

Travel costs outside of Orwell/Wimpole are charged at 40p per mile.

15 minute visit     - £8              

30 minute visit     - £10  Small pets boarding is also available in our own home - we look after your hamsters, gerbils or mice in their own cages - £7 per night.

Cat Sitting

Avoid the upheaval and sulking that goes with putting your cat in a cattery! 

The Pet Company will visit daily for 15 minutes or half an hour to undertake the duties above plus cleaning water and food bowls, cleaning and refreshing litter trays, providing play, fuss and attention for your cat, and free home security check.

15 minute visit    - £8

30 minute visit    - £11

45 minute visit    - £13.50

1 hour visit        -  £15.80

Travel costs outside of Orwell/Wimpole are charged at 45p per mile.


Services scheduled on the following days will incur double charges :

New Year's Eve           New Year's Day

Good Friday                Easter Sunday

Easter Monday            All bank holidays

Services scheduled below will incur triple charges :

Christmas Eve             Christmas Day

Boxing Day




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